Monday, May 30, 2005

A Music Review

This post is a little out of the ordinary for me, but I think it's worth it. I found out about a new band, and I don't know if anyone else in my family or circle of friends has heard of it -- if they have, they haven't told me. (That's weird, too, because I'm never the one to talk about a band first; it's always Lexi, Blake, or Lauren.) Anyway, the band is Reverie Sound Revue and the album is "Walking Around Waiting Downtown." They're from Canada, and lately, I LOVE Canadian music and television (?). They're music is very "dreamy" and "cosmopolitan," as one reviewer says (sorry, I can't remember who). It's classified as "alt pop," but I prefer to go with the previously unnamed critic who calls it "electro pop." Now, I'm not a big "electro/techno/whatever" fan, but I think this music is pretty good. The singer is a girl with a jazzy voice, and apparently the band's influences are jazz, blues, and new wave. What a combo, huh? I like how the band members describe their music:

Though the Revue has many ties to the indie music community, they have no ideals about staying true to some invisible indie bonds. If the opportunity arose to sign with a major label, the band would definitely not hide behind the indie veil.

"We don't want to have people picking out our wardrobe for us," says vocalist Lisa Lobsinger. "That's not music."

"It's the same old story," adds Bryce Gracey, the band's bassist. "Plus, there's not enough groupies in indie rock."
-- "Just Two Gigs Old," Myke Atkinson

To listen to some samples, click here.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Cool Cats

These are my nieces Lily and Macy. Ummm, I don't think I was EVER this cool.

Check out the way Macy wears her pacifier -- she won't wear it any other way.

Wait a minute. . . Yes -- Yes, I WAS that cool!

Left to right: Me, Summer, Lexia, and Brooks

More Wedding Pictures

I just got the black and white pictures back, so here they are:

Here they are posing in the archway of the Bountiful temple. Sorry it's not close up, but the shadows in this one are pretty neat.

I really liked Jacki's hair, so I . . . took a picture of it!

Here is one Snow and 3 Princes. (We ate at the Lion House. And though all the food was good, I will remember one main thing: Lion House rolls are glorious.)

Hey, a picture of a picture!

This is just a really good picture of Lex. When mom saw this, she said, "Wow, she's just skin and bones now!"

This is a really good picture of Blake:

And one of his wife, Lindsey:

There were a few newlywed "firsts" captured on film, too. Like, the first time being married and driving together:

Or the first time in an elevator (actually, this may have been the 2nd time)

And the first time getting hit by snow falling off a building. (Note here the confused/surprised looks on everybody's faces; right when we walked in front of this building, a big clump of snow fell off of it.)

Okay, so that's it of the wedding pics. Hmmm. . . whose wedding pics will I post next? Hopefully, MINE! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Pictures, Pictures, and MORE Pictures

Because I don't have a digital camera, I had to scan all of the following images. Yeah, it took a few hours... So you better appreciate them. There's a little bit for everyone. If you're a family member, you'll like the pictures I took in Utah; if you're a college friend, you'll enjoy the Institute pictures. Just scroll to find what you're looking for. I hope these are fun for you to look at. :)

Also, I'm still getting used to photo blogging... I couldn't figure out how to make the pictures bigger without also making them huge. So if you want to see the picture in a larger format, just click on the thumbnail. Have fun!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Religion 325 Par-tay!

For those of you who might not know, Latter-Day Saints have what is called "institute." It's basically college seminary. At the end of the semester, our class had an end-of-year party. There was pizza, there was ice cream, there was IBC, and there was...arm wrestling???

It started out innocently enough. Here are a couple of group pictures:

We ate Breyers ice cream and chatted. Here Jacquie and Kentavious chat with Marcia:

Marcia and Jacquie give the camera silly faces -- probably because I WOULD NOT stop taking pictures. (I'm a little sorry about that, but not really because now we all have these nice pictures to refresh our memories. See?)

Lee and April look cute together, as usual.

After months of not being seen, Lance and Tiffany decided to show their faces. Finally!

After a while, things got a little crazy. Someone started to wrestle with someone else (I forget who), and after a while, it was a full-blown competition. I'd like to mention here that none of the boys would arm-wrestle. What is THAT all about? At any rate, Wendi beat me and a few other people. So I named her the champion.

But then there was an upset. Tiffany decided to challenge Wendi.

The competition was FIERCE.

And Tiffany won.

I'd still like to give props to Wendi, though, because she wrestled about 3 of us in a row. :)

And finally, let's not forget E-V-E. She was the last picture of the night.

Thanks to all of you who came. I had lots of fun and lots of laughs looking at these pictures. Have a great summer!

Provo Playground

I LOVE these pictures! These could possibly be my favorite pictures of the year. It was about 5:00 in the evening, so the lighting was wonderful!

The Snow family had a mini-reunion at this Provo Playground:

It was also Bruce Snow's surprise birthday.

This is my cousin Jessica with her one of her nephews, Matthew.

Summer and Lexi pose for the camera. I call it: "Arches."

Summer makes a quick phonecall.


Lexi as actress. (Here she's holding Macy.) Hey, if I bought a red coat, would I look like that? :)

Thoughtful Lily and curious Joshua:

Clay looks like a model Frisbee player.

John leaves the party in high style.

Little Red Riding Hoods:

Mom and dad:

Mom and me:

A Wedding

My brother and sister-in-law got married on -- ready for this? -- April Fool's Day. Nice.

They were married in the Bountiful, Utah temple. It was THE perfect day -- wonderful weather, beautiful sky, snow on the ground. What more could you ask for in wedding pictures?

The newlyweds:

Jacki shows her sister, Jenna, the ring. Besides the ring, my mom made the wedding dress. She's REEL good.

The bride with her siblings -- Jenna, Jake, and Jesse.

Here's pretty much everyone -- from all sides of the family.

Lexia was the videographer. Note the turquoise skirt and black sweater; that was the bridesmaid outfit. Jacki LOVES Tiffany's!

Jesse carried Jacki.

I think this is my favorite shot of Brooks and Jacki. They look GREAT!

A Goodbye

This goodbye was a while ago, but I just got these pictures... Amber Henrichsen left Georgia to meet her man in Missouri. That's right, another wedding is afoot. But before Amber left, Wendi and I took her to The Melting Pot. But I guess it would really be that Wendi took Amber and me to The Melting Pot because she paid for it. Thanks Wendi. Anyway, here are the pics:

This was taken just before we left for the restaurant. It's Wendi, Amber, and me.

Here we are starting out... Yummy chocolate fondue. Chocolate fondue kicks cheese fondue's derriere!

Amber is eating.

I can't remember what we were laughing at here. I think Amber and Wendi were laughing at me. I can't remember why, though...

Wendi was laughing, too. Sorry about the bad pic, but you have to remember, I was laughing while I was taking the picture.

We are just finishing up...

It was delicious. We made a mess.

This was the final goodbye to Amber. I'll miss you, Amber!