Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Religion 325 Par-tay!

For those of you who might not know, Latter-Day Saints have what is called "institute." It's basically college seminary. At the end of the semester, our class had an end-of-year party. There was pizza, there was ice cream, there was IBC, and there was...arm wrestling???

It started out innocently enough. Here are a couple of group pictures:

We ate Breyers ice cream and chatted. Here Jacquie and Kentavious chat with Marcia:

Marcia and Jacquie give the camera silly faces -- probably because I WOULD NOT stop taking pictures. (I'm a little sorry about that, but not really because now we all have these nice pictures to refresh our memories. See?)

Lee and April look cute together, as usual.

After months of not being seen, Lance and Tiffany decided to show their faces. Finally!

After a while, things got a little crazy. Someone started to wrestle with someone else (I forget who), and after a while, it was a full-blown competition. I'd like to mention here that none of the boys would arm-wrestle. What is THAT all about? At any rate, Wendi beat me and a few other people. So I named her the champion.

But then there was an upset. Tiffany decided to challenge Wendi.

The competition was FIERCE.

And Tiffany won.

I'd still like to give props to Wendi, though, because she wrestled about 3 of us in a row. :)

And finally, let's not forget E-V-E. She was the last picture of the night.

Thanks to all of you who came. I had lots of fun and lots of laughs looking at these pictures. Have a great summer!


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