Friday, March 21, 2008

My Favorite Atlanta Radio Stations

Yesterday during my lunch break, I set my radio buttons. They were all messed up because I got in a car accident earlier this year (which I'll post about later . . .). Anyway, I had forgotten to set them until yesterday, and I thought it might be fun to tell you what stations they're set for. So here they are, in order of frequency:

  • 90.1 - WABE, Atlanta's Home for the Classics and NPR News. It's oddly entertaining to listen to Lois Reitzes in the morning, and I love "All Things Considered" with Robert Siegel, Michele Norris, and Melissa Block. It makes for a nice drive home.
  • 92.9 - Dave FM. I like listening to Mara Davis's lunch-hour radio show. She's a nut, and I like her for it. Other than that, this rock station is pretty good. But I miss the old "Z93" days.
  • 94.1 - A.K.A., Star 94. This station plays popular music. It's okay sometimes, but I'm more of a rocker, so it's never my first choice. I don't know why I hate to admit it, but I like listening to "The Cindy and Ray Show" sometimes after work. Especially on Wednesdays with Dr. Blue. I like his accent.
  • 96.1 - We used to know this station as "96 Rock," but now it's something ridiculous like "Project 9-6-1." Lame. This station was really good once upon a time, but now they play crazy stuff sometimes, like screamo. Yuck. I still sometimes stumble upon something good now and again, though.
  • 97.1 - The River. My Atlanta rock station of choice. They play Led Zeppelin a fair amount, so you know they're good. I'll never understand the nickname, though. "The River?" River of what?
  • 98.5 - B 98.5. This is Atlanta's soft rock station. If you hear "Escape (The Pina Colada)" song on the radio, you can bet you're on 98.5. It's also the new spot for Delilah, who used to be on "Peach 94.9." That was a good station, too -- one of the only ones that played Christmas music. :(
  • 99.7 - Known as "99x" until this year, when it became the frequency for "All the Hits Q100." 99x was good, but it had started getting annoying. Q100 is okay; they play popular music. It's sometimes the gross popular music -- like dirty rap songs and "rock" music. Sometimes they have good stuff on, though, and they sponsor good concerts. Mostly I keep them on my queue because my friend Lyndel works there as an intern. (Hi, Lyndel!)
  • 100.5 - This was, of course, the home of Q100, but since they use 99.7 now, there's speculation about this station. Word on the street (or the Internet, rather) is that it's going to be a rock station. Yesssss.
  • 106.7 - True Oldies. This frequency used to be a favorite of country fans. Fortunately for me, it changed this week. The switch is so new, in fact, that they don't even have an official Web site.
Can you guess which station is my favorite? That's right -- it's True Oldies 106.7. Yesterday they played Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give It Up." So you know it's a quality station. I really, really love it. Try it out sometime!

Readers, what are you listening to?

Thing I'm thankful for: The weather today; it's lovely!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mangoes, or Fruit of the Gods

Okay, I know last year I said oranges were my favorite fruit. I was wrong. Mangoes definitely are. Up to last summer, I had only ever had dried and sweetened mangoes from a bag. I always thought those were yummy, but I didn't realize the full joy that is mango-eating.

Thanks to Jenna, one of my siblings-in-law, my tune has changed. I had a small dinner party last summer, and Jenna came early to help. She brought a mango, and while she was cutting it, told me about how much she loves mangoes and how often she ate them when she first lived in Hawaii. So I tried my first fresh mango ever. The flavor burst in my mouth was unforgettable. I had to have more! I think Jenna was excited that I was excited, and so although she was planning to share the mango with everyone in our small party, we ended up eating the whole thing ourselves!

And now I'm hooked. I like to just stand at my kitchen counter, eating very ripe mangoes. I like them to be so ripe that the juice gets all over my hands. I think it's the only food I like to get messy with, and interestingly enough, it's the only fruit I like at room temperature (Besides bananas, of course. I don't eat those much, anyway.).

My roommate even notices that I eat an unusual amount of mangoes. When I bought my first mango of the season, she said, "Mangoes again, huh?" Yes! Mangoes again! What can I say? I'm overjoyed that they're in season now, and I'm not going to let another 26 years go by without getting my fill.

Thanks, Jenna, for introducing me to a little bit of heaven!

Thing I'm thankful for: the fun, new siblings I get when my biological siblings get hitched!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day to Ya!

I hope yer day has been filled with the luck of the Irish, and I wish ya the very best St. Patty's night!

(That was supposed to be said in an Irish accent, but I don't think I did the accent phonetic justice . . . Ah, well.)

So these are my favorite Irish things, in no particular order:
  • "Far and Away"
  • "In America"
  • The Cranberries
  • U2
  • The Irish girls from church, Sandra O'Connor and Michelle Lalor (pronounced "LA-ler")
  • Me Irish forebears

What are your favorite Irish things?

Thing I'm thankful for: Other people's confidence in me.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Milk and Adoption

Well, friends, it's high time I write on this here blog. I've been thinking about it for a while . . . I wanted to go back a couple months and post all the pictures I haven't posted yet, and the thought of how long that would take is part of the reason I haven't even looked at Blogger.

So I'm just going to start fresh (and I might post old pictures once in a while). Here's to you, Lyndel!

I'm going to begin with two thoughts I've had recently -- one involves milk and the other involves my stance on adoption:

Milk -- Despite my lifelong love for 2% milk, I've decided to work my way down to skim. It's healthier, plain and simple. I'm on 1% milk right now, and I didn't think it was going to be that bad. Come to think of it, though, I felt like the cereal that I had for dinner tonight didn't taste quite right. I now think it was the milk, not the cereal. Oh well. I'll let you guys know how my milk tastes are progressing . . .

Adoption -- I've always had a fear that I won't be able to have lots of kids; maybe it's because I want them so much. I don't just want a few; I want a lot! So I decided that if, for some reason, I could only have one or two biological children, I would adopt more! Lots of people might just pour all they've got into those two children, but I think I'd rather give lots of children something, than a few children a lot. I know adoption is expensive, but if my husband and I have the money, I'm going to do my best to persuade him to adopt.

And that's all for now -- it's probably not the most exhilarating post, but it's a start.

Thing I'm thankful for: mangoes.