Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Bought Skinny Jeans.

It started with a nonchalant shopping trip to Ross Dress for Less with my friend Brooke.  I thought it might be nice to find a dress or maybe a pretty blouse, but I had no concrete expectations.  After a few minutes of flicking through the shirts, I found one, then another, and then another.  I thought about checking out the pants rack, but then I remembered that I hate trying on pants.  You have to take your shoes off, which is a pain, and then you have to go through the disappointment of trying on a bazillion pairs before one actually fits -- and that's on a good day.

So I moved on to the dresses, and I came up with some possibilities there.  (In the end, none of them fit quite right.)  Finally, after I had skimmed through everything in my size, I glanced over at the pants again.  Is it worth it?  It seems pointless . . .  It looks like all they have are skinny pants, anyway . . .  But I went.  And I picked out a pair of skinny black pants.  Calvin Klein.  Originally 80 bucks, now on sale for 25.  Huh.  That's pretty good.  Maybe I'll just try them on for kicks.  And that's exactly what I did.

It turns out that they looked really good on me.  They were just stretchy enough to fit my gigantic calves.  (Oy vey!  I have next to no hips and fairly thin thighs like the Snows, but big, big Schmitt calves.  I shoulda been a basketball player!)  So I went for it.  I bought them and wore them two days later with a black- and white-striped t-shirt and black flats.  I loved them, other people loved them.  It was great.

A few days later . . .

Hm.  Those pants are pretty great.  They fit perfectly.  I look like I belong in the 21st Century now, but I don't really look like a hipster.  So that's good.  They fit perfectly.

A couple of weeks later . . .

I am the owner of precisely one pair of black skinny pants, one pair of skinny blue jeans, and two pairs of brightly-colored ultimate skinny jeans, otherwise known as "jeggings."  JEGGINGS!  Gross.  (I like to refer to them as "matchstick jeans;" thanks for that pleasant moniker, J. Crew.)  I'm probably crazy, and I'll probably laugh at myself about these purchases later.  (But that doesn't mean you can!)

Thing I'm thankful for: eating tacos at a picnic table, in the breeze.


Blogger cardlady said...

You Look Fantastic and are finally showing off your PERFECT figure!

It's about time you got some skinny jeans and leggings.
I wore a pair of skinny jeans from Calvin klein in the 80's and I looked good in them. Kept them for a long time. He knows how to fit womens figures! Love you M

11:48 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

AMAZING! like really you look phenomenal! even moreso than usual. i just had this conversation tonight with my sister and again later with lisa. actually both were in reference to bangs and going out of your comfort zone but i couldn't help but link it to "well, what if bangs are like skinny jean? and i tell myself for years that it's just not me and that'll i'll hate it and then when i try it i love it instead?!" because really... i loooove skinnies.

and i'll have you know that when i think about my first experience wearing "skinny jeans" (even though they were a straight leg) i think of YOU sara snow. because of your comment on this post ( the first time i ever wore REAL super tight at the ankle skinny jeans (like they even have the ankle zipper closure) wasn't until i got to colorado. i bought them in california but was too afraid to wear them because i was like "everyone will know i'm a poser. they'll know that i'm not trendy enough for this and that i'm just not a skinny jeans person." but here i did it and then i "owned it" and now i (in the psychological terminology of things) identify myself as someone who wears skinny jeans.

but now i guess i need to keep jumping hurdles because i have yet to get brightly colored skinnies and you have two pairs!

ps- i have the big hips (well, just in ratio) and the non-existent calves and i remember envying other girls' calves as early as fourth grade. in my old age though i've come to embrace it. along with my tiny boobs. some things take learning.

pps- sorry for the novel. i wish we were friends in real life. or at least phone friends. in the meantime though you can just read my atrociously long comments.

ppps- sorry i never answered your question on my blog post comment whatever. those jeans are diesel that i got from goodwill for $25 or something. they've continued to be my favorite jeans ever since i bought them. although sadly they don't really fit over my hips at the moment. someday...

12:57 AM  
Blogger mlh said...

I, too, have bought jeggings from Ross. Makes you think, though, how they got to Ross...

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Blake said...

Looking good little sis

5:35 AM  
Anonymous summer said...

Sara, you are so pretty. Love, Summer

10:06 AM  
Blogger Jacki said...

Love that you bought skinny jeans!! I remember taking that first leap of faith over to skinny pants... Once you go skinny, you never go back. Ok that's not true, but I'm excited for you anyway. They look great on you! It makes me laugh that we have the same body type but you always said you thought you didnt look good in skinny jeans. Don't worry, I don't have a complex anymore... Cause now you have skinny jeans ;)

4:52 PM  

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