Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Sometimes I like to visit Pinterest and congratulate myself on my incredible taste in fine art.  I mean, look at this: Everything is Holy.

You do what it takes, you know?  When you wake up from a long nap of weird dreams and nightmares and your sunburn is making you ache and you feel a general sense of stress and anxiety, you just need a little pick-me-up.  Just a feeling of hey-you-are-pretty-awesome.  So you look at your virtual collection of art and feel a small sense of peace and confidence.  And this one, especially, makes you feel important.  Not just "good" or "grateful" or "happy," but "important."

Not everyone is a Christian, and not everyone will see the Pietà the way I do, but it's what helps me get through hard times.

One of my friends wrote this to me today:
If we were always given trials we could handle by ourselves, then the Atonement wouldn't be the miraculous thing that it is. The point of trials is not to handle them, but to develop a relationship with Christ. The degree to which we allow him to partner with us daily in overcoming whatever we need to overcome that day is the degree to which we are successful people.
I had forgotten, for a day, to focus on Christ.  I think I've been forgetting that for a while, actually.  Here's to doing better!

Thing I'm thankful for: Melissa from Kansas.  Thanks, Melissa.  :)


Blogger tck4texas said...

What a wonderful description of the Atonement! Beautiful!

7:23 AM  
Blogger cardlady said...

I love the Pieta' ! And I love you and love that you have discovered these truths. Love YOU MOM
Miss you, Chickadee!

6:03 PM  

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