Sunday, October 14, 2018

Movie Review: First Man

Apparently, "First Man" is lagging behind "Venom" and "A Star Is Born" at the box office. Honestly, I don't understand why––seems like a movie about Neil Armstrong would beat out anything else Hollywood had to offer. Then again, I'm a pretty big fan of NASA.

This movie, though. This movie is good. I almost simply wrote "Go watch it" for my review, but then I stumbled upon this Business Insider article today: 22 Astounding Facts About the Moon Landing from "First Man" that are Actually True. And it really is astounding how accurate the movie is. It gives you a sense of just how dangerous being an astronaut was in the '60s and how agonizing it must've been to watch your astronaut friends die. The filmmakers offer a reverence not for America and its collective brains and courage, but for the individual men who did their jobs every day.

It's a tough movie to watch, though. The camera work is choppy and at times disorienting, but I think it serves to make the viewer feel taxed along with the astronauts. It's tense and stressful from beginning to end. Still, there are tender moments sprinkled throughout, and they make the stressful ones worth it. (The final scene is my favorite.)

So . . . Go watch it.

Thing I'm thankful for: CT scans

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Relationship Failures

I don't usually dislike people, but a long time ago, I disliked my crush's crush. I disliked her because she was taller and thinner than me. Because she was more girly and whimsical. Because she was a better writer. Because she threw dinner parties. Because she had a straight nose, a long neck, and a well-defined jawline. I disliked her because he liked all the things she was and had and did. He wanted to marry her, even.

As it turns out, he didn't marry her. And as it turns out, I think they were actually perfect for each other. I'm glad I understood that so long ago and encouraged him to pursue her, even though it was painful for me. I'm not exactly sure why their relationship didn't last, but looking back, I wish it had. I think it would've been a good thing.

What wouldn't have been a good thing was him and me. Or me and any other guy I dated, especially the one I wanted to marry. I stumbled upon him on social media today and thought (with great intensity), "I hope I never see him again." It's funny how time and perspective change things. One day you're bawling over someone as you make your way back home through the Southwest heat in an unconditioned car, and four and a half years later, you can't even remember his birthdate.

I'm glad I am where I am in life. I sometimes wish I could change things. I wish I could be married and have a few kiddos constantly crowding my space, but that's just not my life. Maybe someday I'll find someone and maybe I won't, but good grief, I tried. I tried and I failed, and what I guess I'm saying right now is . . . I'm grateful for the failures.

Thing I'm thankful for: chicken noodle soup