Friday, November 28, 2008


I tried to find time to blog about the things I am thankful for yesterday, but between baking tons of food and spending time with family, it just didn't happen . . .

So today I wanted to list the things I'm thankful for, but first I want to direct your attention to The Power of "Thank You," an interesting article I found the other day. It's all about gratitude and how expressing it positively affects our attitudes and overall health. I'm sure we could've all guessed that giving thanks is a good thing, but it's nice to get reminders from scientific studies about just how good of a thing it is.

And with that, here is what I am thankful for:
  • The Godhead. I have been especially grateful for Heavenly Father's trust. I am thankful that he has given me the power to choose what I want, and I'm thankful that Christ atoned for my sins and shortcomings, so that I have an agency "safety net." Finally, I'm thankful for the Holy Ghost, who confirms truth and guides me in making decisions.

  • My family. They are the best ever. They are crazy and loud, and I love them.

  • My friends. There are too many incredible friends to list, but know that my friends are wonderful. They are all so talented and smart and funny and kind—God's finest creations.

  • A job. More than ever before, I am thankful for a job and a salary. I'm grateful for an honest and kind employer and a good boss.

  • A home. I love my apartment. It gets a little messy sometimes, and I'd like to have more money to spruce it up. All in all, though, it's the best little home a girl could ask for. I have a safe place to sleep and keep my things.

  • A fantastic roommate. She's Irish, so of course I automatically love her. How else would I learn how to speak with an Irish accent? (You never know when you might need to use an alternate identity . . .) She's smart and perhaps too interesting; we spend too many late nights chatting away. I learn a lot from her, though, and I'm grateful to have her cheerful self around on dull days.

  • Access to information. Thanks to the Internet and libraries and bookshops and Google, I have all kinds of information at my fingertips. I love to read and learn and am thankful for the knowledge available to me.

  • My health. I need to do so much better about how I treat my body. I need to exercise more and eat less, but even with my neglect, I do live a healthy life. There are a few ailments I would love to live without, but all things considered, my body is healthy and allows my spirit to do the things I want. I don't think I can ever quite thank Heavenly Father enough for that blessing.

I know the list might be boring. The same things appear on it every year. I would not be the person I am without the Godhead, my family, and friends, nor would I be able to accomplish the things I can without a job and a home and my health. I have a good life, and I will give thanks for the same things over and over again, if I need to, because they are the stuff life is made of!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

One other thing I'm thankful for: Food! Glorious food! I know, I know . . . How simple, right? I really do think, though, that Heavenly Father gave the world a bit of fun when he decided food would be our fuel. What a treat!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My New Haircut, or Why Wait Until the New Year to Make a Change?

My hair was long and sometimes pretty, but I was getting so tired of it. There's a point when long hair becomes too long, and it just gets annoying. I ended up putting my hair in a ponytail everyday . . . Well, I guess I do that usually, anyway. Still, it was time for a hair change. This was the inspiration. What do you think?



Thing I'm thankful for: Jenna. Thanks for the haircut, Jenna! I love it! And I love you!