Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Love Iron Man

At some point in life, people ask you the big question:  Who is your favorite superhero?

I didn't read comics as a kid (and I don't read them now); the only thing I knew about superheroes was what I learned from the movies and TV.  By the time anyone asked me about my favorite superhero, I had seen the Superman movies and the Batman movies.  I waffled between the two heroes, but even when I used one of them as my answer, I knew it wasn't right.  Superman wore tights, which bothered me, and even at a young age, I recognized that Batman was somewhat of a womanizer, which also bothered me.  When I was older, Spidey got popular, and he was a bit closer to my idea of a superhero.  Still, I never quite got on board with any of them.

And then I saw "Iron Man."  He was cocky (I bet anything he's a Leo.), slightly irreverent, unconventional, and funny.  He had only one woman in his life, who he treated as an equal (okay, okay -- that was after his womanizing days), and above all, he was genius-level smart and creative.  As soon as I saw him onscreen, I thought, "This is my favorite superhero."

I kept thinking the same thing tonight while I watched "The Avengers."  Truth be told, I may not have even watched the movie at all had Iron Man not played a huge role in it.  He's just so great.  Girls these days seem to swoon over Captain America, but I'd take Iron Man over him any day.  (And brown hair isn't even my favorite!)

I'll leave you with the best "Iron Man" scene that never was:

Who is your favorite superhero, readers? Why?

Thing I'm thankful for: eating lunch outside


Blogger kyns said...

Iron Man is definitely the best of the avengers.
Batman is my favorite though. He may be a bit of a womanizer but deep down he only really loved one woman. Anyway, he's my favorite because he always does the right thing even if it seems like the wrong thing to most people, and he does it without needing to be recognized for it.

Also, I like his car.

But Iron Man is definitely my second favorite.

10:26 AM  
Blogger Lyndel said...

Iron man is hands down my favorite. Probably because his irreverent humor reminds me so much of mike. But I too watched avengers for iron man!!

12:37 AM  

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