Monday, March 27, 2006

The Baxter

In recent weeks, it has come to my attention that a lot of people don't have a taste for the finer things in life. One of those finer things is "The Baxter." It's a quirky, offbeat romantic comedy reminiscent of "Napoleon Dynamite." Some of you might disagree, but here's my comparison:
  • The protagonist is a nerdy accountant. He's not beautiful, he's not clever, and he's not coordinated.
  • None of the other characters are flawless, either.
  • There are no fancy-schmancy production effects.
  • The dialogue is dry, witty humor -- no fratboy jokes.
  • The music is delightful.
It's an independent movie, of course, as almost all super movies are these days. So most of you have probably never seen it. Let me tempt you with my favorite Baxter quotes:
  • "Enter Elliot Sherman, CPAAAAA!"
  • "Wait! Before you say anything else, I need you to know that I am ALSO reading the dictionary!"
  • "I jog; you speed-walk. That is a serious coincidence. --"Yes! Sort of."
  • "Louis! What are you saying?!?"
  • "Hey, you're my brother. In law. To be. Whenever that is . . ."
  • "I'm watching my weight." --"I'm watching it, too."
  • "If you will both excuse me, I'll just get my driving cap, and we'll be off."
  • "I'm changing careers. It might be medicine; it might be soccer. I dunno."
Anyway, just give it a shot. And if your name is Joe Smith, give me my copy of "The Baxter" back!

Thing I'm thankful for: the independent film movement that has really taken off in the last few years.


Anonymous ashley said...

I was very glad you introduced me to that movie!! I totally enjoyed it! Cute, quirky, funny...all in all, I loved it ;) Plus, I love Michelle Williams...she's adorable.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Lexia Snow said...

"You sit and you wait!" -- Elliot's response to going after your dreams.

"Man, I love that woman." -- Michael Ian Black's character says about his wife as she walks away from him after an argument.

10:41 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

His name is JOE SMITH. Why would he like a movie like The Baxter?

Is that mean? Delete it if it's too mean.

9:16 AM  

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