Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Single In the City

After mom left, Lexi and I did single things. That is, we went to the Young Single Adult church activities. Here we are on Roosevelt Island. I only have this one good picture because the camera batteries were running low. Anyway, it was fun. We had hot dogs and chocolate, and we (well, mostly Lexi and Laura) danced the night away.

We also walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. At first I thought, "What's so great about the Brooklyn Bridge?" But I must say, it was nice to take a short stroll across the bridge while admiring the city lights. Here's Lexia waiting for the bus at Astor Place (which will take you to the Brooklyn Bridge stop):

It was too dark to get any really good shots of the city from the bridge. So I just took shots of the bridge itself. :)

This may give you a good idea of what it's like there at night. Sparkly city lights everywhere.

Here's Bryant posing for a toothpaste commercial. :)

Brigham and Lexia pose for a picture on the train going back to Manhattan.

There are all these little statues around the subway stations. I think they're a little strange and wonder why they're there. If anyone knows why, please tell me.

Lexi took a picture of us walking. I liked it, so here it is:

Thing I'm thankful for: The small areas in NYC that have trees, water, and open spaces. I was only there about 2 weeks, but I was already craving scenes of nature.


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