Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This year is goin' down in the books as one of the best birthdays of my entire life.  I had so much fun!  Look at all the things I did!
  • Got to Level 5 in Super Mario Bros!  (Look, Level 5 is pretty good, considering that I haven't had much practice on it in years and years and years.)
  • Ate fluffy pancakes with buttermilk syrup.  Yum!
  • Ate Mandy's chocolate chip cookie dough.  Yum!
  • Took a nap!
  • Had a party at Lake Austin!
And here are the gifts I received!
  • Cadbury chocolate from a one Brookie R. E.  She also gave me a real Canadian maple leaf and a promise to buy me a City Pass, if I visit her in Toronto!  (Sneaky!)
  • A pair of earrings that I really wanted.  (They are circles with pink chevrons!)
  • Thirty-two balloons!
  • A hard-bound copy of Anne of Green Gables!
  • 101 cookie cutters!
  • A scarf from Rome, a scented candle, and aromatherapy body wash!
  • A cake!
  • A song!
  • A gift card to Outback!
  • Lots of nice cards and thoughtful texts, phone calls, and birthday wishes!
Here are just a few pictures from the day: Birthday!

And here is that song I mentioned.  It was so good!  I loved the part about my blog . . .  It was so accurately funny that it nearly brought me to tears!  Kimmie and Adam, thank you so much for spending time on it.  It meant a lot.

I just love people.  People are the best.  Thanks to every person I ever knew, especially the ones who made my birthday special this year.  I love you all.

Thing I'm thankful for: a car that works!


Blogger cardlady said...

What a great group of friends to write a song and sing it to you for your birthday. Awesome birthday indeed. Sara Snow.
Love MOM

11:23 PM  

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