Thursday, September 05, 2013

Open Letter to Austin Family Magazine

Dear Austin Family Magazine,

You are like a lot of local magazines found at grocery stores across the nation: non-glossy on the inside, covered in advertisements, and in serious need of some white space.  But here's what I like about you (and nearly every other such magazine):
  • You are free!
  • Your goal is to help parents rear bright and happy children.
  • You suggest cheap or free activities for everyone in the community to enjoy.
  • You have a website!  With additional articles online!
Why, this month, I already have some favorite articles:
  • Big Man on Campus - an article about how to encourage father involvement in academics
  • Always Tardy to the Party? - tips for curing chronic punctuality problems
  • Wake-up Call - information about how important well-balanced meals are for strong minds
  • Make Room for Daddy - all about the great things dads do for kids (Talk about a non-sexist magazine!  I love it!)

I look forward to you every month!



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