Friday, March 09, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day?

Do you remember when I said I wanted a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day? Well, take a look at this! It came in the mail yesterday.

It was sent by my dear friends Jamie and Jeff. All the way from Atlanta. Weeks ago. I don't mind that it was late getting here, though, because it was a nice little surprise to get from my apartment leasing office this morning. I mean, how can I have a subpar day now? (And yes, I definitely took one bite of each chocolate. I can do that because it's MY box!)

Let me tell you something about Jamie and Jeff. They are quite possibly one of the handsomest couples of my acquaintance. I am also happy to say they had what I call an Anne-and-Gilbert romance. That is, they were very good friends for a long time before they ever dated, and I think that's spectacular.

Thing I'm thankful for: big umbrellas!


Blogger Lyndel said...

Oh yay, I'm glad you got some chocolates :) We all talked about how we thought it was lame that you didn't get any... but I'm glad you got some valentine's chocolates!

1:58 PM  
Blogger Jeff Nef said...

Glad you finally got them... this was the tracking info. figured someone must've stole em from you.

4:21 PM  

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