Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Nothings: Best of 2009

Okay, Okay. I realize this is a little late, but although I wouldn't say I blog regularly, I do still keep this blog up. And it's been five years. Here's what I blogged about during the fifth year:

Christmas was Different This Year
What I Want in a Husband
Happy Halloween!
Paul Offit is My Hero
Emotion Explosion!
End of an Era
Far and Away: Goodbye to a Roommate
We Got Soaked Together, Or the Unifying Power of Adversity
Strange Things in Nashville
Not Just a Hunch Anymore
Photo Booths
Why I Would Make a Good Wife: Reason No. 532
A Letter to Soap
This Video Brings Me Joy
Time Travel to 1989
To Read or Not to Read?
Happy Valentine's Day!
2009 Resolutions

Thing I'm thankful for: that some of you are still here. Thanks for reading! (It really does mean a lot!)


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