Friday, July 03, 2009

Addiction, Part 2

As a follow-up to Addiction, I am reporting on Yogli Mogli.
Before I give you my final opinion, here are some points:
  1. There are at least 10 different frozen yogurt flavors: strawberry, raspberry, chocolate, Mounds, white chocolate macademia, two kinds of vanilla, and who knows what else!
  2. It's not super-easy to sample all of the flavors, and there are no sample spoons.
  3. The trash can isn't readily available when you're ready to throw away your sample cup.
  4. It's not immediately clear that you're charged for the yogurt by weight.
  5. The nutrition information is not readily available.
  6. The yogurt isn't 100% fat free.
  7. The tile work in the store is delightful.
  8. The outside seating is pleasant.
  9. It's self-serve yogurt.

Number 9 could be considered in a favorable light, but I submit that part of going to a store is so that people do the work for you, especially when it's not clear what you're supposed to do. I had heard by word of mouth that Yogli Mogli charges by weight, but if I hadn't, I would've been confused for a minute or two.

So what's a minute or two, right? Wrong! It just makes for a bad user experience, as does the missing nutrition information and seemingly non-existent trash cans when you want to throw your sample cup away. These are not big deals in and of themselves, but together, they negatively affect the user experience.

The bottom line is that I just didn't like the yogurt. It was more creamy than I wanted it to be; it tasted very much like ice cream. I prefer the non-fat, icy texture of Yoforia's yogurt. Plus, they only give you four flavors to choose from -- all delicious, but not overwhelming.

Apart from the tiled wall and pleasant outside seating, I was not impressed. To be fair, I might've been impressed had I not tried Yoforia first. But as far as frozen yogurt goes, I think Yoforia blows Yogli Mogli out of the water! Sorry, Yogli Mogli. :(

Thing I'm thankful for: getting off work early!


Anonymous Jackie Watkins said...

So in the 2-3 weeks since you introduced me to Yoforia, I've been three times! What have you done? Good to know I can pass on Yogli Mogli. There's a new yogurt shop coming to downtown Decatur -- I forget the name. We will have to check it out once it opens.

2:17 PM  
Blogger dallin+michelle said...

great. grand. wonderful. sigh... guess this means our yogurt date to yogli mogli is a no go. dallin and i actually love the place! you mentioned you like icey... i like creamy. that explains the difference eh?

11:39 AM  
Blogger Cherie (and sometimes Senor) said...

Um Sara, I am sad to inform you that I have in fact tried Yoforia since becoming a Georgian again and was all hyped from your recommendations but there was something just very weird about it. Perhaps it's an acquired taste? I think I'll be sticking to gelatto and Jake's.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Cat said...

Hi there,
I'd like to start off by saying that I'm not an employee of the company, I just love Yogli Mogli. I've considered applying for a job there. I'm not sure when you went, if they just forgot to put out everything...but in my over 30 times visiting Yogli Mogli, (I live I go almost every day.)they've hired someone solely for the purpose of standing there, telling you how it works. Now, you can say, 'I don't need help.' and they won't bother you more...but that person tells you all of the flavors, lets you know that it's by weight which, by the way, is in giant letters above the cashier station. I would think you'd check before making any commitments. In addition, the nutrition info is very readily available. There are four or five nutrition sheets standing in plastic cases that float around the bar-area. In addition, there are flavors that are more inclined towards Jujubea's flavoring, and the employees will tell you that. Original Tart, Rasperry, Peach, Strawberry Banana, etc, all taste more like Yogurt. The Vanilla, Chocolate, etc taste like ice cream. I would think one could deduce other yogurt places don't generally offer those flavors. Yogli Mogli also may be by weight...but it's cheaper than any other Yogurt place I've been to, and, in my opinion, a whole lot more diverse. It's made to cater both to the children and the adults, offering the taste of ice-cream with more nutritional value, in addition to yogurt. One last point: it's self serve. You can't really expect to walk in and have someone serve you. It's a great treat for the children who wish to feel like they can help themselves, and I think they make everything fairly obvious to the new customer. As my new favorite yogurt store, one that I believe is wildly more economical and aesthetic than not only Jujubeas, but the other stores in the area [Yoforia], I feel obligated to defend it.

P.S. I'm not trying to insult you, I read back over my post and I seem a bit intense at times. :) Please don't take that the wrong way, I just love Yogli Mogli a LOT. XD

8:12 AM  

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