Monday, May 01, 2006

Pick A Color, Any Color . . .

Well, pick a set of colors, that is. Each 5-color combination represents a taste, or lifestyle type. Because I'm adapting this whole activity from the book Color Image Scale, I'm not presenting it exactly as it should be. But I think you can get the gist. Check below to read about your taste! (I apologize for not having each set numbered, but the image is just one giant one -- I couldn't individually number each combination.)

Oh, and there's additional information on each combination in the table at the bottom!

1st column:
  1. Casual -- In contrast with formal, casual is cheerful and easygoing. It has an open, wayward, happy image. This type prefers vivid, clear colors, and is mainly attracted by the vivid, strong, or bright tones. Contrasting color combinations using many different hues give a characteristic sporty effect.
  2. Modern -- The feeling here is cool and urbane, with a clear-cut, functional, sharp image. Strong contrasts are favored. The neutral colors that we see in fashion, interior design, and of course product design are popular with this type. The key color is black, with white providing a contrast. Vivid colors, giving an accent, are used to create a bold effect. The colors are clear.
  3. Romantic -- The colors used here are soft, sweet, and dreamy, with a touch of fantasy. The main color combinations are light pastel tones and white, giving a poetic, soft effect with a feeling of delicacy and sweetness. Since the image is soft and charming, it tends to be popular with young girls. Colors with too strong a hue or too sporty a feel are not suited to this type, the atmosphere is more one of tenderness. The colors used are clear.
  4. Natural -- A natural, warm, simple appearance, with a heartwarming image. Full of the richness of natural materials. The feeling here is diametrically opposed to the artificial feeling of modern. The impression is one of serenity. The main colors are shades of beige, ivory, and yellow green. The basic color combinations are subtle gradations of grayish colors.
2nd Column:
  1. Elegant -- A taste for subtlety, a nonchalant style, beauty with a sense of balance and charm. The elegance one can see in Japanese dress. Refinement, tenderness, and calm -- this is the image of elegant. Grayish colors are favored by this type, showy tones and contrasts should be avoided. The color combinations used are subtle gradations.
  2. Chic -- This type is sober and calm, quiet and sophisticated, with an air of simple elegance. The atmosphere is quiet and polished, self-possessed, adult, and intelligent, with a cooler image than that of the elegant type. Sober, grayish colors predominate. Color combinatioins use subtle differences of tones and grayish colors.
  3. Classic -- Elaborate, decorative, and formal, an image of authenticity is at the heart of the classic type. The colors used are hard and grayish. The use of brown, black, and olive green gives a feeling of tradition and quality. By adding wine and gold colors a feeling of gorgeousness is created. The contrasts used are moderate, and the feeling is one of calm.
  4. Dandy -- A self-possessed tone, stability, masculinity, and quiet sophistication, this is the basis of dandy. Compared to classic, this type is simpler and cooler in feel. The basic colors are hard, such as brown, navy blue, or dark gray, used in combination with calm, grayish colors. This type appeals to a very adult and masculine taste.

Thing I'm thankful for: mommy being home from Utah. YAY!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a mix between "Casual" and "Classic/Dandy." It's funny because the target market for each couldn't be more opposite -- "young" and "old." So, am I like a middle aged person trapped in a twenty-something's body?

6:12 PM  
Blogger Sara said...

I'm mostly modern and chic, with a little bit of elegance in there, too. That matches me, I guess, because the basic traits for those three (from the table) are "quiet," "progressive," and "particular about quality."

6:21 PM  
Blogger Nicole said...

It's Natural for me, maybe a tiny bit leaning towards Classic. I like the natural description better for me, though. Can't claim to be a particularly relaxed person, though ;o) This is another fun one, Sara. Thanks for finding these things!

9:51 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I'm Dandy, all the way. But I'm not sure I like the terminology "strong and robust." I mean, strong, okay. Robust? Eh.

9:11 AM  
Blogger brian said...

Seeing as Dandy's a perfect match to my wardrobe, I can't really argue otherwise (much as I like elegant and classic).

Always wondered if I was a bit of a dandy. Now I know.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a cross between Elegant and Romantic. If Romantic had pink in its' color range, it would be me all the way. I love the pastels. I love Pink. And understatement in dress. MOM snow

7:38 PM  

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