Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Palmyra, NY

Actually, the next three pictures take place in Rochester, NY. After sleeping in until noon, we started getting ready for our trip to Palmyra and the Smith Farm. Crazy day to be watching MTV's "My Super Sweet 16". But watch it, we did. It's quite addictive to watch completely rich and spoiled teenagers throw a sweet 16 party. Anyway, it led into a discussion of reality TV. What if our lives were part of a reality TV show? BORING!! We decided that if Lexi, Lauren, and me were the main people, the show would be about as exciting as . . . well, see for yourselves:

:) After goofing off, we finally headed to Palmyra. We saw the temple there.

We also took some pictures at the intersection of Church and Main streets. It's pretty much my favorite intersection in America.

Each corner has a different church -- Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, and Episcopal, I think. I can't remember. But the churches are so intricately designed and have been there for years. It's kind of amazing to see four buildings erected by four different Christian denominations on four corners of an intersection. It's like they're having a face-off. Who will win??? By the looks of the buildings themselves, I'd say either church 2 or 4 would.

Anyway, that's what I'm debating here. Lexi told me I needed to look confused for this picture because I was supposed to look like Joseph Smith in the early 1800's -- unsure about which church to join. Plus, at this particular point in my life, I am a bit like Joseph Smith in the early 1800's: unsure -- that is, unsure of where to move.

Thing I'm thankful for: IBC black cherry, which I'm drinking right now.


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IBC Root beer is better.

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