Saturday, October 08, 2005

In Her Shoes

I went to see this new movie with Lauren. Though Lauren only thought it was okay (She has no heart, people! No heart!), I thought it was pretty good -- minus this really cheesy love scene, which I think most women would like, but I definitely didn't. ANYWAY, I think it's filmed well. There's strong character development and some tear-jerking scenes (if that's something that appeals to you). It's an adapatation of a book, so I have a feeling we're missing quite a bit from the story -- like how the title ties in with the story or how the subplots factor in. What I took from the movie, though, was that family is what counts. If something's wrong with those relationships, something's just not right in your life. That's how I feel about my own family, though, so maybe that's part of it. And who doesn't already know that? Why do we need to see another movie about it? Because I think this particular movie does a good job of showing it, without being too sappy.

As far as the acting goes, I thought the two main actresses did great. I mean, who doesn't like Toni Collette, anyway? I was a little wary of Cameron Diaz, but I think she's was just as perfectly cast. I read on an MSN review that this is her best role yet -- that it showcases her dramatic talents well and that she was perfect for the role. I initially thought, "Of course she's perfect for the role because she plays the sexy tease, as usual." But after seeing the movie, I decided that I probably -- no, definitely -- underrated her.

Oh, one more thing -- I liked that it DIDN'T take place in New York City, for a change. I really, really like NY, but I'm tired of it being the center of the world.

So that's it. Go see it.

Thing I'm thankful for today: My family. (For some reason, I'm especially thankful for them today. Maybe it's because I've been home alone for the past few days.)


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Blogger Lauren said...

Hey. I have a heart. I'm just not going to waste my emotions on a MOVIE. Especially one with Cameron Diaz in it. (Although, yeah, she was okay in it.) :)

12:42 PM  
Anonymous CathySnow the MOM said...

Love Jacki's hair cut!!! Cutie!!!MOM

7:08 PM  

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