Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Hill Cumorah

After we left Smith Farm and the Sacred Grove, we went a few miles down the road to the Hill Cumorah. On the way up, Lexi posed next to some flowers she really liked.

This is a view from the bottom -- that's Lexi in the middle ground,

And this is a view from the top. Beautiful, isn't it? It doesn't look like it's that high, but it was a rough climb for Mommy.

Lauren made it, too. And she looks very relaxed in this picture. :)

Me, mom, and Lexi.

Mom, Lexi, me, and Lauren. Another family was up at the top, so the mother took a picture of us.

Here is the statue of Moroni at the top of the hill. I really like the sky in this one.

Mom found out that we could've driven our car to the top of the hill, so she had Lexi and Lauren walk down to get it. While they walked, I took a picture.

At the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center, we looked at the many copies of the Book of Mormon on display. The Church prints the book in about 150 different languages. The Visitors Center had 90.

Here's a closeup of some. I'm not sure what the bottom row includes, but the top row is Afrikaans, Armenian East, and Arabic. Pretty neat, huh? I love that my church is so cultural. :)

Thing I'm thankful for: Halloween! I's just around the corner! I'm so excited!!!


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