Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Cat's Kill

One purpose of this New York trip was to go upstate and visit some landmarks. We began at the New Jersey airport because a car rental there was relatively cheap. So because I'm a picture/documentation freak, I had to get a picture of . . . our ride. Check out the Le Sabre:

Lauren was very positive about my picture-taking. SHE knows that everybody's glad for pictures when it's all said and done.

Lexi's ready for the trip.

Here's the Cat Bag. This is the first reference to the post title (There are many.). This bag was purchased by my mother several years ago. She put my lunch in it sometimes, but I was always embarrassed by it. Now you see it being used as a cooler for mom's insulin shots. Because it contained such expensive and necessary objects, mom would always wonder on it's whereabouts during the trip. "Where's the cat bag? Where's the cat bag? Have you seen the cat bag?"

The drive to our first stop, Palmyra, should've taken well under 10 hours. But due to some crazy circumstance somewhere around Newburgh, NY, we ended up in the Catskill Mountains. Trust me when I say that this is the longest way to get from Newark to Palmyra. We even had to stop and ask the NY state police where we were. So by the time the next picture was taken, everyone in the car was pretty "T. O. 'd" with each other.

And so this is why this leg of the trip is called what it is. My mom's name is Cathy, and we sometimes call her Cat. During part of our drive through the Catskills, we all got pretty silly due to our extreme anger from before. Mom was trying to make up for lost time (and she's just a crazy driver sometimes anyway), so Lauren was a little nervous around the mountain curves. We kept joking about the whole thing, re-naming the mountains Cat's Kill. And what with the Cat Bag and all. . . I don't think it sounds so hilarious now, but it kept us distracted for a while.

I did get some nice pictures out of the Cat's Kills, anyway.

Thing I'm thankful for: The major stock of candy we got somewhere near the "World's Largest Kaleidescope."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Main reason we ended up almost in Albany, is because of the Navigator--Lexi. She didnt let me know where to get on the right road NW. It was sad to have to drive and backtrack a little two way road through the Cat's Kills. LOVE MOM

5:55 PM  

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