Saturday, August 13, 2005

Shoe Shopping Just Got a Little Easier

So. It's time to start looking for new tennis shoes. Mine started squeaking a few weeks ago, and I can't take it anymore! Plus, I've had this pair for about 3 years, and they've served me well, I must say. But the time has come to throw them out! A feeling of dread set in about 4 days ago when I realized I really, really needed to actually buy a new pair.

What is this feeling of dread, you ask? The high price of decent tennis shoes? Especially women's? The massive selection that is now available? The choices of walking, running, or technical running (What is this new category, anyway?)? No, no, no, and no. My problem is the range of sizes offered.

Yes, that's right; I have big feet. I wear a 12 in women's -- wide. That means I wear an 11 in men's. That means my feet are gigantic. Did I get teased in my youth? Yes. Have I been called "sasquatch"? Absolutely. Does my sister tell me I could ski without skis? Naturally. "But you're tall," my mom points out. Nice try -- I'm only almost 5'9", and my friend who is 5' 10" wears a size 9.

I don't know if average-footed people can appreciate the frustration and anxiety over finding a shoe that fits and doesn't look completely bulky or gaudy (I think the gaudy style is meant for transvestites.). I hardly even look in women's shoe stores because the chances of finding a 12 are like . . . well, slim to none, anyway. So I have to look at men's shoes and hope to find a pair that doesn't look so masculine. Thank goodness for the internet, though; the scope of this search tool makes it easier to find shoes that will do. And looking for tennis shoes is somewhat easier.

With that in mind, I think you'll understand why I was so wonderfully surprised to meet a girl today who wears a 13! She was one of the salespeople at Hibbetts, and we started discussing the frustration of having big feet. And sadly, for her, she met yet another girl who has feet smaller than hers. But happily, for me, I found someone whose feet are even bigger than mine. And I'm glad I did because now I can be grateful for not having to find 13's. . . It must be nearly impossible.

Thing I'm thankful for: not having bigger feet than I already do.


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Sara, you don't have big feet.

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