Sunday, August 14, 2005

Adam and Eve

Yesterday I went to the wedding reception for Adam and Eve . . . Olsen, that is. Before I start posting the pictures, I just want to mention a few things about Eve. (I don't really know Adam well, but I can say this about him: he is very shy and very nice.)

I have known Eve for about 3 years. I met her once a long, long time ago and thought she looked/sounded like a very smart girl. Once we finally talked and became friends about a year later, I realized that my first impression was correct. She is one of the smartest, most spiritual people I know. She is really nice and funny and very talented. She paints, draws, and does tons of other crafty/artsy things, but the talent I like best is her singing. She has a beautiful voice, and I tell her all of the time that I usually don't like female singers -- they're voices usually annoy me for some reason. But Eve's is great. And she plays the guitar and writes songs, too! On the way home from the reception, in fact, Clay and Summer and I were discussing her great voice. But that comes later.

So first:

Summer, Clay, the girls, and I travelled to Newnan. Summer had to squeeze in the back with the girls.

Macy pointed to the driver,


She really might have been pointing to his funny-looking headgear.

When we got to the church, we saw April, Allyson, and Matt.

I of course took pictures of the food, so April played Vanna for a few minutes.

There were 3 small cakes instead of 1 big one, which I thought was pretty neat. (Hmmm. . . the wheels are turning.) I didn't get a picture of one of the cakes, but here are the other two. YUM.

Here's another picture of Matt and Allyson. If you can't tell, Matt has a piece of heart-shaped confetti on his forehead.

April took a picture of herself and me.

The Wood family. (We were all waiting for the bride and groom to arrive; they had to drive from the Atlanta temple to the church in Newnan.)

Here's another picture of Lily.

Wendi showed up, and the first thing she did was hold her hand in front of my face. Can you guess why? That's right, she's engaged!

Here's the happy couple:

And here's the happier couple:

This is Eve's dress:

This is the back of Eve's dress:

Here is a close up of Eve; she's so pretty!

After everyone ate, Eve sang a song she wrote for Adam one day "while he was working out in front of a mirror." (Those were her very words.)

Then Eve and one of her old mission companions sang a song.

Adam and Eve learned how to cut a wedding cake.

Lily wanted me to take a picture of her dress.

I don't know who this guest is, but I caught a picture of him and his seriously Napoleonic style. . .

Eve and her housemates: (It's important to note that each of these ladies are now either married or getting married soon. Hm. Maybe I should move in for a few months.)

This is the whole Brown Street crew. They all live(d) on Brown Street at one time or another this year.

I had to have a picture with Eve, so here we are with Valerie.

On the way home, Clay squeezed in the back with the girlies.

Summer drove.

Thing I'm thankful for: good conversations.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Sarah! I printed out the one of Wendi, April and Eve for a picture frame. When are you going to put up the pictures of you in the toilet paper dress? I'd go buy a frame for that one.
It was good seeing you at the reception! BTW, I think Adam's (and Eve's) last name is Olsen. Take care!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Sarah, I really was picking my head.

5:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really going to miss the Brown St. crew ::sniff:: The pictures of Eve and Adam are great, they look so cute together! Sara, will you take pictures at my wedding? Maybe you can make me look as pretty as Eve:)

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been able to be in Georgia for Adam and Eve's wedding, it would have been fun to see everyone. Miss you all.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do agree with Sara, Eve has a wonderful voice, We are going to hear her on the radio one day

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are all brown-nosers. Just kidding, I don't take compliments very well sometimes. Thanks Sara for being so cool. You took wonderful pictures and I do look pretty. Wow, who sounds like the brown-noser now? ;) By the way, that Napoleon Dynomite impersonator is none other that Napoleon's dad himself... just kidding, but it is Adam's dad, ha ha (He did live in Idaho for a while).

8:26 PM  

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