Sunday, June 26, 2005

One of Those Personal (But Not Too Personal) Surveys

Thing I'm thankful for: Chocolate and peanut butter

Okay. Now it's time for one of those personal surveys. It won't be TOO personal, though, because that would be weird.

Color: blue
Number: really any even number, but I guess I'll go with . . . 6
Ice cream flavor: CHOCOLATE -- YUM!
Scent: rain, ink on paper, bread baking in the oven, HUGO, and baby smell (not the stinky diaper part, but the so fresh and so clean part)
Sound: Mom's voice, children's voices, thunderstorms, wedding bells and clock towers, and ummm . . . popping my knuckles (yeah, it's weird, but whatever)
Day of the week: Sunday
Time of day: the time when no one else is awake
Item of clothing: JEANS. Period.
Food: Mom's potato salad
Drink: milk -- 2%, no chocolate
Vegetable: corn
Fruit: apple
Flower: Tulips
Place to travel: Switzerland or basically any German-speaking country
Want kids one day? How many? OF COURSE! Lots and lots
Kids' names? Sam, Luke, John, Nicholas, Natalie, Cathy, Susanna, Anne, Jenna, and Stella. I also like weird names, but I would never give them to my children -- Seamus, Vincent, and Victor
Place you shop the most: lately, Target
Cup half-full or half-empty? It depends on what's inside. If we're talkin' milk, it's half-empty; if we're speaking in metaphorical terms, it's half-full.
Love at first sight or a deeper look? I don't even know what this means. Why are these stupid questions always on these surveys? I guess I could take it off, but then you wouldn't get the full effect of this survey.
Who was your first love? my future husband, of course!!!
Hard situation in your life: right now -- being young and not knowing where I'm going (that sounds like Willy Wonka)
Superhero: Batman
TV show: "Seinfeld," "Family Ties," and "The Cosby Show." I will always have a soft spot for "Felicity," though, because I used to watch it with two of my favorite people in the world.
Season: Fall


Blogger Blake said...

Color: red
Number: 3
Ice cream flavor: Breyer's Peach
Scent: 2nd motion for rain, freshly watered plant and lindsey's skin
Sound: Chinese wind chimes, light piano, Chicane (for now), and laughter
Day of the week: Friday
Time of day: lunch time
Item of clothing: pique polos
Food: steak
Drink: white grape juice
Vegetable: steamed anything
Fruit: red grapes
Flower: gerbera daisies
Place to travel: Paris, London, Hawaii
Want kids one day? How many? 4-6, whichever comes first.
Kids' names? Sadie, Madison, Jay, Derick
Place you shop the most: wal-mart
Cup half-full or half-empty? totally full
Love at first sight or a deeper look? deeper look
Who was your first love: lori lamb (more of a crush)
Hard situation in your life: running a business
Superhero: Batman (2nd that)
TV show: "Seinfeld," "Cheers"
Season: Fall

1:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Color: to wear - pink. But all are truly my favorite!
Number: any odd number, particularly 7
Ice cream flavor: Strawberry
Scent: all artificial detergent scents containing any of the following words spring rain, shower fresh, mountain breeze, surf. And anything with Eucaliptus.
Sound: Mom's voice, music I like, chimes, too many to list. I don't feel like being clever.
Day of the week: Sunday
Time of day: the time when no one else is awake (me too, which means we're awake together SA)
Item of clothing: My black negligee. HA! HA! That was for you Sa.
Food: Salmon, but anything really -especially all things high in sugar, butter, fat, and salt.
Drink: cold water and IBC root beer
Vegetable: I'm a vegetable person more than a fruit person, so I like all vegetables, really.
Fruit: strawberries are always a treat.
Flower: I really do like roses. I've always liked tulips too (I think 'cause mom likes them so much).
Place to travel: ITALIA!!!
Want kids one day? How many? I'm coming to the realization that yes, I do want children. I think four is a nice number.
Kids' names? Jimmy Jr. (of Jimmy Fallon)
Place you shop the most: Associated Grocery Store.
Cup half-full or half-empty? It depends on my psychological state. If I'm depressed, it's empty; if I'm manic it's totally full.
Love at first sight or a deeper look? Love at first sight. At least that's how I want it to be.
Who was your first love? Sara. :o)
Hard situation in your life: Why would I want to go there?
Superhero: Barbie? Just kidding. I like how Superman is geeky cute, but Batman is dark and mysterious. It's a toss up really.
TV show: "Family Ties," "The Cosby Show," "Jack and Jill," "Mousercise," "Quantum Leap," the list goes on and on.
Season: Fall

I love you Sara. Of course I do, you're my first love!

10:34 PM  

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