Sunday, May 22, 2005

More Wedding Pictures

I just got the black and white pictures back, so here they are:

Here they are posing in the archway of the Bountiful temple. Sorry it's not close up, but the shadows in this one are pretty neat.

I really liked Jacki's hair, so I . . . took a picture of it!

Here is one Snow and 3 Princes. (We ate at the Lion House. And though all the food was good, I will remember one main thing: Lion House rolls are glorious.)

Hey, a picture of a picture!

This is just a really good picture of Lex. When mom saw this, she said, "Wow, she's just skin and bones now!"

This is a really good picture of Blake:

And one of his wife, Lindsey:

There were a few newlywed "firsts" captured on film, too. Like, the first time being married and driving together:

Or the first time in an elevator (actually, this may have been the 2nd time)

And the first time getting hit by snow falling off a building. (Note here the confused/surprised looks on everybody's faces; right when we walked in front of this building, a big clump of snow fell off of it.)

Okay, so that's it of the wedding pics. Hmmm. . . whose wedding pics will I post next? Hopefully, MINE! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

brooks and I agree that you are incredible with the ol' lens!! we love you and your work!!! now be our friend and come hang out with us!!!

10:45 PM  

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