Thursday, October 11, 2012

Goodbye, Chevy Chase!

In the six years I lived in the heart of Atlanta, I moved twice.  In Austin, I've moved five times.  Five times!  In less than two years!

It's a hard thing to do, especially when you have as much stuff as me.  I'm realizing more and more, though, that stuff -- even if it's the best kind of stuff, such as books and kitchenware -- isn't that important.  (I bet my movers wish I had come to that conclusion before moving.)  It's just not.  But why is it so hard to for me to let it go?  I need to learn to live with less . . .

While I work on that, I'm going to share a couple of lists with you, and they are these:

Things I won't miss from Chevy Chase Apartments
  • Hardwood floors everywhere.  I love sweeping, but more than that, I love being able to sit comfortably on the floor.
  • The toilet getting clogged 80% of the time.  (It wasn't even my fault for about 70% of that!)
  • The guys who smoked pot in the next building over.
  • The gloom that seemed to settle there after my roommate and I got robbed.
  • The galley kitchen.
  • The groundsmen who did loud landscape work right outside my window at 8:00 IN THE MORNING.
  • The laundry machines that were constantly out of order.
  • Speed bumps.

Things I will miss from Chevy Chase Apartments
  • Living on a street called Chevy Chase Drive.
  • Living five minutes away from church, 15 minutes away from school, and 20 minutes from downtown.
  • Running over to Nathan's apartment for various things/problems/carpools.
  • Desi Time.
  • Desi Time.
  • Desi Time.

Thankful for: everyone who helped me move.  It's a lot of people over the years, so I'll just name the friends from the most recent one: Brooke, Ed, Adam, Nathan, Melissa, Rachel, Gretchen, Tyler, Chris, Jon, Mary, and Molly.  I think that's everyone.


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I have to pay you product-placement money now! This is awesome.

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