Monday, October 31, 2011


I'm baking pumpkin pies right now. Well, the oven is baking my pumpkin pies right now. While I wait, I listen to the soundtrack for Amadeus, which is quite possibly one of the best movies in the whole wide world. The soundtrack is even better!

The whole thing was recorded exclusively for the film by London's Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, and they play every Mozart piece excellently.

What I love, love, love more than anything about this soundtrack, though, is the music selection. Everyone knows Mozart was brilliant, but I don't think everyone really knows why. We learn about him in grade school -- that he began composing music as a child and that his body of work includes over 600 pieces. Everyone knows that despite his great influence on classical music, he was buried in a common grave, and his funeral was not well attended. But does everyone know his music?

If you don't, get this soundtrack immediately. Neville Marriner picked the best works for the score. It is a wonderful introduction to Mozart. It makes me feel creative, invigorated, intellectual, and . . . well, frankly -- it makes me feel closer to God. There. I said it. That's what great art does for me.

Just listen to it, already.

Thing I'm thankful for: Chocolate Silk


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