Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To My Roommate

I awoke yesterday morning at 3 a.m. with the urge to throw up. That urge hit me about every 45 minutes or so. I had extreme nausea, chills, stomach cramps, and a headache. I cried and I prayed. A lot. I felt like I might die of dehydration.

Around 7:30, my roommate, Carrie, woke up and asked me what was wrong. I think I might have cried a little as I said, "I had a rough night." But it wasn't over. I was still dry heaving and weak, as Carrie found a nearby doctor for me and checked to see that he used my insurance. I could barely sit up for more than five minutes, so Carrie drove me to the doctor's office. She picked up my prescriptions, and bought me ginger ale and saltines. She stayed home from work for half of the day, just because she knew I needed someone to help me.

I am still gathering my strength today. (Really, it has been a horrible two days, and I wouldn't wish this kind of pain on anyone.) I don't know what I ate or what kind of bacteria might have made me feel this way, but I have been reminded of some things that I had forgotten:
  • Having a healthy body is the greatest gift. Not much matters when your body is in pain.
  • Our bodies are amazing machines that fight foreign matter with relative ease.
  • Vomiting is humbling.
  • Roommates can be lifesavers.
Carrie is a classy person in general, but yesterday, I was especially glad that she lets me live in her house. She is one of those people who makes the world a better place. I'm astonished that somehow our lives intersected and am grateful that somehow, they did.

Thanks, Carrie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i felt exactly the same from sunday till today, only just started recovering!
hope you're feeling well again soon :)

12:53 PM  
Blogger Carrie said...

a few things...

1. i'm glad you're not pregnant.

2. i wish i was your roommate.

3. carrie sounds like a too good to be true husband.

4. i think i actually like throwing up. is that weird? i mean, it just always brings me such relief... even if only for a minute or two.

5. i love you and i'm glad you made it out alive!!!

9:16 PM  

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