Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks to Friends

At kind of a low point this evening . . . A friend called and wanted to know if I'd join her for dinner. It made me really happy.

And so, I'd like to thank my friends for being my friends. People always surprise and amaze me, especially my friends. Just yesterday, I went to church and saw that my friend Dallin was there. Well, I like Dallin, but I really wanted to talk to Michelle, Dallin's fiance. Where was she? She was playing the piano -- practicing for a spontaneous musical number. Who knew that she could just whip something out there like that?!?

I have another friend who always plays music on his guitar for me; a friend who talks about completely random things when he knows I can't handle talking about serious issues; a friend who makes me laugh when she impersonates people (to a tee, I might add); a friend who always tells me how great I am; and many, many others who share their talents and time with me when they know I need it.

I just love people. I love that I can have a terrible day, but it gets immediately better when people say something nice. I'm amazed at the love people have for each other and the positive effects they can make in the world . . . Oh, people are devinely wonderful!