Sunday, April 22, 2007

All Apologies

After writing in my journal for a while and thinking about some things that have been on my mind the entire day, I realized I needed to apologize. I'm sorry for that last post. I'm not really sorry for letting you readers know why I haven't been blogging lately, but I'm sorry if I came across as unhappy or ungrateful.

I want you to know that despite the stressors in my life, I'm generally happy. Life may not be the greatest it could be for me right now, but the people in my life are. I'm very grateful for my family. They are my best friends. I'm also grateful for the work colleagues who make work interesting and sometimes fun. And I'm thankful for my friends. They are all wonderful people, and I'm amazed how caring and thoughtful and talented each one of them is. People make me happy, and because of the people in my life, I am happy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All great people needed to go through periods like this. It is a cleansing of the soul's palate, so to speak, getting it ready to best taste the fine tastes of the future. If you never had to deal with this, you wouldn't be a candidate for greatness. Now, I must be going as I suddently have this uncontrollable urge to sing...

9:33 PM  

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