Monday, June 05, 2006

I Have a Great Love for the People of [Insert Name of Country Here]

Yesterday in church, I heard a very good, tear-inducing testimony. The girl started talking about her mission in Brazil and how she loved the people of Brazil. "Aww, that's nice," I initially thought. "I sometimes wish I had that kind of missionary memory."

But as I was listening to her testimony, it occurred to me that returned LDS missionaries often say things like that. The guy who served in Russia will say he has such a great love for the people of Russia. Or the guy who went to Mexico has a great love for the people there. And I get it. I understand what they are trying to convey -- that when we faithfully and generously serve a people, we develop an outstanding amount of love for them.

I also noticed, however, that this sentiment is probably more pronounced in missionaries who served outside of the U.S. So I just wanted to say for the record that even though I haven't served a "full-time mission," I make my own little missionary efforts here on the homefront, and I have a great love for Americans. In fact, I want to say that I think we should all extend that love to people all over the world. I know we all have special fond memories of places we've actually lived, but I think maybe Heavenly Father wants us to develop a love for anybody and everybody, even if -- and probably especially if -- we haven't been able to immerse ourselves into their cultures.

So. I have a great love for the people of the world! Go world!

Thing I'm thankful for: my fun purple Anthropologie dress.


Blogger cardlady said...

YOU look MAUVELOUS in your purple Anthropologie dress! Love MOM
Nice thought about America. I love America too! Love my brothers and sisters all across the nation. What a great place this is. I am even getting to love the illegial aliens and what they do for us too! They do work no one else will do, they should, however, become citizens and pay taxes like all of us and quit standing in line at the Post Office every Friday, and quit sending their UNTAXED US DOLLARS HOME TO MEXICO! :)

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