Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Pavement Pictures

When Lexi visited, she drew on the sidewalk with Lily and Macy. Naturally, I took this opportunity to take pictures with the digital camera. Lexi drew a picture of the girls. Although it's only a rough sketch, you'd be surprised at it's amazing likeness to the girls. Lexi (and Summer) are really wonderful at drawing caricatures of our family.

I can only remember my Uncle Anthony visiting our family once in Oklahoma. He put long strips of shipping paper on the dining room floor and traced our outlines on it. We then colored our silhouettes however we chose. That activity has always stuck in my mind as something especially great for kids. I know that when in doubt with children, put some paper on the floor, trace the kids, and let them go to town. I think everyone in our family remembers that. And maybe that's what Lexi recalled when she had the girls lie down on the sidewalk to trace them. She filled most of the outline in for them. Here are the results:

This is Lily.

And this really is Lily.

This is Macy.

It's extremely difficult to get a picture of Macy when she's excited. . .

For some reason, the girls decided to pose together for this picture. It's pretty cute.

Lily took a picture of the dinosaur Lexi drew for them.

I took this picture of all three of us. Kids always make a picture look better!

Thing I'm thankful for: Christmas being just around the corner.


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