Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Smith Farm

After we went through the town of Palmyra, we drove to the Smith Farm. This log house was the Smith family home around 1818. Joseph Smith, Sr., Lucy Mack Smith, and their 8 children lived in this tiny house!

We walked to the frame house next. I liked the image of Lexi, Lauren, and mom from behind. It was a perfect day for walking around the Smith Farm -- warm and breezy.

The Smiths lived here around 1825. I don't know how families lived in such small homes then. And this house was considered very large! I don't think the smallness is conveyed very well in these pictures, but I don't have any pictures with a point of reference.

Notice the beautiful floormats in the next two pictures. They are hand-painted canvas mats made by Lucy Smith. They give me some decorating ideas . . .

Hey, Lauren!

I liked this old tree. I know everybody says things like this, but I will say it anyway. It's so neat to know that this tree was probably around when the Smiths actually lived there. I love trees that way.

Mom wanted a picture by the garden. And Lauren just looks like she belongs on this farm!

I liked the barn. It is about as big as the house! The lighting couldn't have been better for picture-taking.

Thing I'm thankful for: Being able to see all of this on a Sunday. It was extra special.


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