Monday, August 29, 2005

Wendi's Wedding -- Sort Of

Due to extenuating circumstances -- like my ears and brain not hearing my alarm (how could I control that?) -- I was um, late to Wendi's wedding. When I say late, I mean I missed the ceremony. . . But I did get there for the reception, which was VERY short, and I got this picture of Wendi and Wade and their families.

Due to other extenuating circumstances, I missed the farewell to the bride and groom, but I got Eve to pretend she was Wendi for a minute -- for picture's sake.

Eve told me everyone blew bubbles when the newlyweds left -- those would've been great pictures. But she also gave me a bubble tube and recommended I at least take a picture of that!

After the wedding, Eve and I ate at La Fiesta, which I think is the best Mexican restaurant in C-Town. This is Eve:

I should note that Eve has been married for 2 weeks now. She says married life is fun.

I'm genuinely sorry for not having more pictures of the wedding and wish I had not gone to bed so incredibly late on Friday. But for the record, Wendi did look beautiful, and both she and Wade look very good and happy together!

Thing I'm thankful for: Other people's knowledge and wisdom and insight.


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