Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Jacki Deep, Jacki High

This past weekend, Jacki's brother Jake was in town. Sadly, I don't have any fun pictures of the Braves game we went to or the hanging out we did afterward, but I DO have pictures of Sunday night, when everyone in the fam' came over. We were treated to a special Celine Dion impersonation concert. Here's Jacki, explaining the intricacies of Celine concerts:

And here she is singing to "River Deep, Mountain High." I had never heard this song before, as no one in her right mind is a Celine Dion fan :) , but immediately I could tell that Jacki sounds better than ol' Ms. Dion herself! I actually kind of liked the melody, and after I looked for a clip to link to this post, I realized why: Celine didn't write it. In fact, I think The Supremes were the first to sing it. Anyway, this was our concert:

Jacki warms up:

Now she really gets into it:

Big finish:

She didn't even break a sweat!

Thing I'm thankful for: Rain for this summer heat!


Anonymous Crystal said...

Even though my nickname for Celine is Barf Dion... Jax puts on an amazing performance!

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Tell your mom I still remember the wreaths she puts up!! I think we still have ours she made!

C. Lawson

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Summer said...


4:21 PM  

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