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I've Been Out of High School for 5 Years!

Ahhh, thank goodness for the immediacy of digital pictures. We are living in a digital world, and I am a digital girl. . . Or something like that. ANYWAY, below you'll find my reunion pics, hot off the camera.

We reunited at the Border. I arrived feeling overdressed -- I mean, heels? Pink satin belt? Wha-at? HELLO! It was at the Border! (Obviously I have not been to a bar in a very long time! Or more than about 10 times in my life, for that matter.) Anyway, there were fancy dresses and lots of skin. Hmmm. . . I think Katie, Katie, Aleksis and I were the only ones who had sleeves on our shirts (Besides the boys). Weird.

Anyway, I didn't think many people would show up, but maybe there were about 75? That seems about right. It was really nice seeing some of these people after 5 years. I know so many people say things like, "High school sucked" and "People in high school sucked." But honestly, I liked that it did stink and that people were stupid sometimes. How else were we to be prepped for the idiots we'd encounter in the "real world" and the low points of life? Plus, as Lindsey Warren and I agreed, it's so neat to have that kind of connection with people. To be able to see someone and think, "Hey, I remember building a toothpick bridge with that guy" is really cool. (This is part of what I was trying to convey in one of last month's posts. To see that, click here.) I guess I'm just sentimental, but I'm glad I am. Besides, would I have the following pictures if I wasn't sentimental? I think not!

I guess it would be more interesting to also post high school pictures of these people. But I will just say that after 5 years, everyone looks the same. The only difference is that the guys have gotten bigger. I expect to see an increase in size in the girls for our 10-yr. reunion, though -- what with babies on the way and all. . .

This is Lindsey Warren and her fiancee (Ryan, I think? I'm sorry, Lindsey's fiancee.) Lindsey could be described as one of the nicest, most genuine people in school. And cheerful. Always cheerful (hmmm, what a great quality).

Here is Lindsay Miller. We used to ride the bus together, and I will never forget those days. We would make fake teeth out of gum and pretend we were in beauty pageants or something. It's really quite amazing how much bus-riding brings people together.

Dusty Hightower and girlfriend -- dang it. Another name forgotten. Where did my memory go? Anyway, Dusty is going to law school (somewhere in Atlanta) this fall. What an unexpected career path. . . But umm, good luck, Dusty.

Amanda Stitcher, Aleksis Smith, and me. These were 2 girls I didn't think would come but am sooo glad they did. They were cool band people. Sometimes I wish I hadn't dropped out of band. . .

I was getting a little crazy with the pictures. . . Aleksis was showing Stitcher and me her intricate toenail polish. Cool.

Here is me with my very first Georgia friend. Mary Martin was the first person who really talked to me when my family moved here. Awww, the Martins. What a cute, little family. I think Mary was voted "friendliest" in our senior superlatives. That's really the most important and admirable superlative, I think. (What was I, you ask? Best looking, of course! -- Not really, though.) :) Mary and I took a graduate psychology class together, which was wonderful because we were both scared out of our minds!

Me, Avery Jackson, and Katie Ream. Katie took this picture and did a mighty fine job of it. Avery was one of the guys I built a toothpick bridge with -- he's going to law school at Georgia State this fall. Katie is a nurse in Birmingham and also one of the friendliest girls anyone could meet (She's really funny, too).

Ellen (McGowan) Treadwell and me. Ellen was voted as having "most school spirit," was our class president, and is one of the peppiest people I know. She and I had college English classes together, so she is one of the only people I actually saw in those 5 years since high school.

Mary, me, Kimberly Mashburn, and Dana Engel. Could I be any bigger? I think it's always a good idea to be in a picture with the 3 most petite and tan girls of your class. . .

Wes (Mary's boyfriend) and Mary. They of course look great together. I would like to mention here that it was a little frustrating to see so many people with boyfriends, girlfriends, and fiancees. If I am not in coupledom by the time my 10-yr. reunion rolls around, I will begin to freak out. :)

Me and Kevin Baker, class of 1998. He is Dana's boyfriend, and boy, was I glad he was there. I had so much fun chatting with him! The Snows miss you too, Kevin!

Leslie Windom and Lindsey. Leslie was "best dressed" in high school and probably best looking -- I got robbed of my superlative. :)

Me and Paula Gentry. Okay. Do I look like a giant in this picture or what? Where have all the big people gone? If I was a Lord of the Rings character, I would definitely be a giant -- wait, are there giants in Lord of the Rings, or am I thinking of Harry Potter? Anyway, I had fun talking to Paula, and oddly enough, I probably talked to her more at that reunion than I ever did in school. It's funny how most everyone talked with each other and caught up with each other's lives even though a lot of us didn't hang out in high school. It goes back to that connection thing. . . It's also nice to see that people have grown up a little and gotten past social barriers or whatever. I must say, though, that the people I didn't like in high school, I still didn't like 5 years later. Hmmm.

Lindsey, Carrigues Hubert, and me. Carrigues -- SUCH a nice guy -- and I discovered that we both have a love for Wally World -- particularly the 24-hr. feature. Nice.

Okay, so most of these people were just high school friends. That is, we were in the same classes, and we talked in the school and at school functions only. I mainly hung out with people who would probably never consider going to a reunion, but I have to say that I had fun anyway. Like I said, I talked with people I never would have talked to much in school, and I think that's great. It's like, we're all finally growing up or something. And that's just. . . ummm. . . neat, I guess. Yeah, that's really the best word for it. Neat.

So something neat for you readers is that I'm posting a before picture of myself. That's right; you can see me in high school. Have I changed? You be the judge. (What's up with me posting all of these pictures of myself lately? It's probably because I was best looking in high school. . . No, really, though, my next post will have to be something VERY impersonal.)


(That's me, Ellana, and Pete. We were in the library.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like the same kind of reaction I had at my 5-year reunion. Very reassuring. So, I wonder how things will go at my ten-year, which is next month. Maybe we will have all gotten over our "act like adults" stage and get back to calling each other names and such. At least I hope someone drops a tray of food so we can all clap. Ahhhh.... Very mature.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Dang! Why didn't I go so I could show MY clevage?!?!?

1:38 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

I really enjoyed this post, Sara. Thanks for all of the pictures. Kinda makes me feel like I was there.

8:27 AM  

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