Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Danke, Herr Teuber!

I went to Clay and Summer's house on Sunday evening. When I got there, Lily was peeking out the window:

Clay was feeding the dogs, so he put some cowboy boots on. I don't really know why, but I thought the sight of Clay in boots and shorts was SOOOOO funny. I could NOT stop laughing!

Here's a shot from behind. Oh yeah.

The girls told us to stay out of the kitchen because they were making dinner. . . just kidding. Actually, Brooks and Jacki made dinner; it was delicious!

After dinner, Summer, Jacki, and I played Settlers of Catan. It's been around for a while -- since 1997, in fact -- and it's super fun! It was created by a German man, Klaus Teuber. It's kind of like a cross between Risk and Monopoly. I like it so much that I decided to dedicate this post to Klaus Teuber -- notice the title. (By the way, does anyone know how to punctuate game titles? Italicize or put in quotation marks?)

Summer and Jacki modeled for me so that the pictures were more lively:

Jacki checks out her cards:

And she concentrates a lot because she likes to win. :)

Here's a close up of the board. It's also a witness to Summer's longest road, which is one part of the game she has mastered. (Jacki runs a very close 2nd, though.)

After the game (which I recommend everyone play immediately), Summer and Clay made virgin pina coladas. Clay showed me how hard it can be to use a blender:

But also how very fun it can be, too:

The drink was so good, I thought it deserved a picture. I think the straws made them taste even better -- presentation is KEY!

Anyway, I had fun. But I always have fun with my family!
Thing I'm thankful for today: well, lots, but if I have to narrow it down to one. . . playing board games. . . with my family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sara,

I visited your blog.

Starfarers of Catan > Settlers of Catan.


10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a man, What a man, What a man, What a mighty good man-mighty, mighty, good man. Yep! That's my man again. Settlers of Catan is the best game EVER. I wish I could enter a tournament. Not to win because I so wouldn't, but to play all day.

5:29 PM  
Blogger jet said...

I must agree with Summer, Settlers is a great game. If I could only win it would be even better.

As for Clay, well, I think those cowboy boots have left me speechless...

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


7:04 AM  

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