Friday, September 09, 2005

My First Big NY Interview

Some advice that would've helped me BEFORE my interview was given to me by Brooks and Jacki, respectively:

  1. When travelling, always pack a pair of nice shoes.
  2. To prepare for an interview, empty your bowels.

BUT, I talked with them much later in the day. And this is what I told them:

I was WAY worked up over nothing. I mean, it was an interview -- the first "professional" interview of my life. And I've really only had 1 real job interview before, but "that was for college," I thought. I should've kept thinking that because the organization for which I interviewed is a university press. So it was pretty laid-back and college-y. You know, people wearing jeans or khakis with pique polos. This was not the high-profile, stuffy workplace I was expecting. I was even overdressed in my black sweater, red pencil skirt, and black high-heels (which, incidentally, KILL in NYC).

Going into it, I thought, "This is an interview, so I will be answering questions." But Lexi said to relax because the purpose of interviews is to see what a prospective employee looks like and to see whether or not he or she would be a good employee to work with. That's exactly how my interview was. My interviewers spent more time talking about what they do and the press in general than they did asking me questions.

So all in all, I think it went well. We'll see what happens. . .

Also, I have a video clip of me filling out the "official" application. Lexia has to convert it to something that I can actual post on the web, so as soon as she does, I will make a link to it.

Thing I am thankful for: Washers and dryers INSIDE the house. It cost me (well, Lexia) about $12 to do laundry today!!! Cong Rong A Zong Yong!!!

P. S. I have pictures of Palmyra, NY and Niagara Falls -- I will post them as soon as I can.


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Anonymous Jason said...

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