Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Secret Santa

When I got home tonight, I had a small package waiting on my doorstep. I wasn't expecting a package, so I thought it was probably something from my mom or maybe an early Christmas present from one of my siblings. And maybe it was.

But maybe it wasn't.

There was no order slip inside -- no indication who this package was from. The return address didn't help, either; all it says is "Amazon Fulfillment Services." I have no idea who this thing is from. So many people have asked for my address lately, so it could be one of a number of people . . . I'm at a complete loss!

What did this secret Santa give me? A book called Cooking Up a Business: Lessons from Food Lovers Who Turned Their Passion into a Career -- and How You Can, Too. If my eyes weren't so dried up from a lack of sleep lately, I would've cried a little bit. This book is a little nudge -- one of many lately -- that make me think long and hard about what I'm doing with my life. It seems to say, "Sara, you are more talented than you think!"

And so.

Dear Secret Santa,

Thank you, thank you, thank you. The fact that you sent this gift to me indicates a few things: 1) You are an intent listener; 2) You are thoughtful; and 3) You have confidence in me.

That third point means so much more than you know. Or probably you do know, which is why you had the book sent to me at all.

I've been struggling with a book decision lately. I haven't been able to decide what to read during the holidays, especially when I'm stuck on a plane. I guess my struggle is over, huh!?! Obviously, I will be reading the book you got me! Yay!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my heart and with all the love I can muster -- thank you.


Thing I'm thankful for: people. I'm almost always thankful for specific people. (And food) (But mostly people.


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Oh that is soooo nice!. I hate not knowing.

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