Thursday, March 14, 2013

SXSW 2013, Day 2

Well, it's Day 2 for me, anyway.

Here's a picture of Hermes, the messenger god, er goddess.

These four guys are The Wild Feathers, from Nashville, Tennessee.  They were a rock 'n' roll jam band.  They definitely had the Southern Rock sound goin' on.  I liked them alright.

Krystian enjoying the show.

Nathan enjoying the show.

Krystian and Nathan getting Luden's throat drops?  People dress up and give away the most random things at SXSW.  I got lotsa free stuff today.  It was fun.

Lianne Le Havas was a surprise for me.  She is 23 and has SUCH a great voice!  She and her band has kind of a funk sound, but also an indie rock kinda sound.  I dunno how to describe it really.  She's just good.  (I did not like her pajama dress thing, though.  What is up with that?)

Later I saw ANOTHER good show!  San Cisco is a really young band from Australia.  They've been playing since 2009, but each member is probably 19 or 20 years old.  They definitely don't have a polished stage presence, but their sound is kinda beachy and definitely rockin.'  It was my favorite show of the day.

"Hi, how are you" signs are all over Austin.  From sidewalks to t-shirts.  I'm not sure exactly where it started, except it has something to do with music . . .  And there's a mural of it on the UT campus.  I walk by it nearly every day.  :)

Here are some other things:
  • I got more sunburned.
  • I saw Delta Rae and Josh Ritter; I thought they were both just okay.
  • I got a free taco.
  • In a crowd of thousands, I ran into three friends.  I love running into friends.

Thing I'm thankful for: freshly-made, warm tortillas.  (Thanks, Brooke!)


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