Friday, October 12, 2012


Tonight I went to a small show in downtown Austin at this great venue called Symphony Square Amphitheater.  Like all good amphitheaters, it is outdoors, but one way to get to the center is by walking through a tunnel.  This tunnel has geometric murals painted on the walls, which I love.

There's a creek that runs through the amphitheater, between the stage and the seating area.  It reminded me of the San Antonio River Walk a bit, actually, with it's stone walls and twists and turns.

A few bands played -- all to support World Sight Day.  I got there late, so I missed Kishi Bashi and The Vacationers, but I did catch Tennis.  The band was good, the accompanying light show was good, and the atmosphere was good.  All in all, it was an invigorating show.  I just love live music.  And I always forget how much.

Anyway, check out Tennis, if you get a chance.  And definitely check out Austin's Symphony Square Amphitheater, if you can.

Here are some specific thank-yous for the night:
  • To Carrie, for being so hip and knowing about all of the cool events in Austin.  Thanks for the invite, Carrie!
  • To Nathan, for having an iPhone, taking good pictures with it, and sending them to me.  Thanks for being tech-savvy and artistic, Nathan!
Oh!  Here's a picture of Michelle and me in our glasses that simulate blindness . . .  Gotta have one of those, right?

Thing  I'm thankful for: creating and maintaining friendships -- best activity in the world.


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