Monday, June 04, 2012


Does that title sound wrong to you?  Yeah, me, too.  Who was the first person to come up with "guesstimate," anyway?  It's ridiculous.  You can make a guess or an estimate, not a guesstimate.  Seriously, folks -- using "guesstimate" as a real thing makes you sound like you're 7 years old.  What if an architect said, "Well, by my guesstimation . . ."  Or what if a high-powered business executive said, "I guesstimate that end-of-year sales will look like . . ."  Would you be impressed?  Probably not.

Let's all take "guesstimate" out of our vocabulary, hm?

Thing I'm thankful for: Gala apples


Blogger bh said...

seriously. i hate fake words.

4:12 PM  

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