Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Out of It

I have an incredible talent that not a lot of other people have: I don't fall asleep in class. Or church. Or during anything that requires me to sit and listen. Not once did I fall asleep in a college class, and on Sundays when I'm really tired and the speaker isn't as exciting as some, I still don't fall asleep. It's just something I don't do.

But guess what? Yesterday -- and for the first time in my life -- I fell asleep in class. It wasn't a full-on nap or anything so egregious as that. I don't even know if the professor knew I was asleep because I think I never actually closed my eyes for more than about two seconds. My mind, however, was most definitely unconscious. Here, let me show you; these are some of the notes I took during said unconsciousness:
  • Look up a prior.
  • Effect of the placment and timing of the kitchen
  • That system and midde and dolle

Oh, man -- that last one cracks me up! And my misspellings! Oh, the misspellings . . . Here are some fun ones:

  • Loops --> loaps
  • Implicit --> implisit
  • Placement --> placment

And it took me about three times to spell the word "dissociation."

I'm not even gonna get into the appearance of my handwriting. Yikes!

I was just so embarrassed yesterday. So embarrassed about my awful attempt at attention and note-taking. I decided I needed to blog about it and make it public, so I wouldn't ever, ever do it again. :/

Thing I'm thankful for: naps and sleep and warm beds and soft blankets


Blogger cardlady said...

You definitely need more sleep. A short story of when I was young and partying around late at night about age 19. I had been promoted to the engineering department, yes engineering and daily data computations with a SLIDE RULE, at Motorola in Phoenix. The woman showing me one of the things I had to learn chuckled at me. It was late in the afternoon, I was soooo tired, and I had my head on my hand with elbow on the table. I fell asleep then shortly after, quickly fell off my hand and startled, blurted out some nonsense. She laughed and I was so embarrassed. So GET SOME MORE SLEEP. Naps are great! Love MOM

11:14 PM  

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