Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

As at Thanksgiving, nearly every blogger who celebrates Christmas posts something about Christmas. I have done the same for the last 5 or 6 years. Well, this year I'm doing something just a bit different.

I was going to just slap a picture of my tree up. Then I thought about only posting the words "Merry Christmas." I considered attaching a breaking photo of my brother-in-law dressed in Santa pajamas. Instead, I'll share a picture of cooked Snow crab.

This is before:

This is after:

About every other year, my family eats Snow crab and steak fingers for Christmas Eve dinner. For the alternating years, we order Chinese take-out. I don't know why my mom started this tradition, but it stuck. And on the Snow crab/steak finger years -- boy, am I glad. Everyone likes the steak fingers, but I mostly look forward to the crab. Maybe it has something to do with working for my food and maybe it has something to do with my love of food from the sea. All I know is that I love a good crab dinner. In fact, tonight I was the last one at the dinner table, still working on those crab legs. I finally called it quits after I created that beautiful pile of empty crab legs you see above.

In about 4 hours, I will watch my nieces unwrap their pretty packages that now sit underneath the tree. Within an hour or two of that, the things that took so long to choose and buy and wrap will be strewn across the floor, and Christmas will almost be over. We'll still have most of the day, though, to enjoy each others' company and continue our family traditions, and that makes me happy. Traditions and family and food make up a large and wonderful part of Christmas, and I hope you and yours are able to enjoy those things as much as me this year. Merry Christmas. :)

And okay, okay. Here is the breaking photo of Clay in his Santa jammies:

Hahaha! Merry Christmas, indeed. :)

Thing I'm thankful for: Jesus Christ, his birth and his life


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