Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Shortcut to Bonding: Overcoming Shyness

What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Of all the things I've ever done, overcoming shyness has been the greatest accomplishment. By far. I used to blush so much! Classmates in middle school would say hello to me, and my face would get bright red. I did whatever I could to avoid being even close to the center of attention. In fact, the less I had to be around people, the better.

At some point in grade school, I realized I needed to change, but it really wasn't until years and years later that I was finally able to overcome it.* When I moved to a new state, some of the shyness came back, but it's quickly going away again. It's funny, though -- it took me about 8 months for me to really get out of my shell here in Texas, but it took me almost a decade to really be me before.

I have friends who think I am an extrovert now, which still baffles me because I still identify with the quiet, blushing adolescent girl I used to be. Inside I feel quiet and reserved, but I guess I did a fairly good job fooling people for all these years. :)

Anyway, I feel pretty good about my accomplishment. I've made so many friends because of it. So many wonderful friends!

*Would you like to know what helped me begin my transformation? Read this Busy Nothings oldie-but-goodie: If You Can't Think of Anything to Say, Give Compliments!

Thing I'm thankful for: fresh strawberries


Blogger tay + kyns said...

That post was just a few weeks after the speed dating activity at church when I first met you. I just remember you getting defensive about liking classical music as if you had already decided I must not be a classical music kind of guy.

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