Monday, July 25, 2011


In Texas, people call Atlanta "Atlanta." With two very enunciated T's. Sometimes they call it "Hotlanna." When people say "Hotlanna," you know they are not from Georgia. In Georgia, Atlanta is pronounced "Etlanna." Only the first T is sounded.

Here's a good rule of thumb for non-Georgians: Always speak in the laziest way possible. For example, you might think you are supposed to pronounce Ponce de Leon Avenue with a Spanish accent. "PON-say day Lay-OWN." That would be incorrect. You should just say "Ponce." That is, "Pawnce." Here are some other examples of laziness:
  • Buchanan = "BUH-cannon"
  • Monroe = "Mun-ROW"
  • You all = "y'all" = "Yahl"
  • Interesting = "IN-tresting"
  • Fifth = "Fith"
  • Lions (as in "Central Lions") = "Lines," with a drawn-out I. "Laihnes."
Listen to an Atlanta accent, just for fun. (Rural Georgia is even crazier.)

Thing I'm thankful for: mom's crazy late-night text messages


Blogger Aubrey said...

You live in Austin now. We pronouce things as ridiculously and as unpronouncable as possible.
Guadalupe. Guad-a-loop.
Nueces. Ne-chess.
Rio Grande. Ree-oh Grand.
etc etc etc.

9:33 AM  

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