Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate!

I feel so out-of-touch with the world right now. My cell phone is very old, so the batteries die quickly and the reception is literally null at my apartment. On top of that, Gmail is having some funky problems -- or it's my internet or computer or something . . . Whatever the problem is, I can't check e-mail from home half the time.

It's quite maddening, actually -- to not be able to communicate. Communication really is key to survival, I think. I mean, people just want to have a voice. People just want to be heard -- cavemen drew to tell stories and share ideas. Hermits live alone, but usually write to perhaps get their thoughts out. Babies can't speak, but they find a way to communicate their discomfort.

It's amazing to me that communication is so powerful. I really love that.

And now, for some things I'm thankful for (I haven't written in a while, so I'll list several things.):
  • Agency
  • Listening ears
  • Good advice
  • Parents who taught me the value and excitement in learning
  • People who have studied more than me and are therefore more learned
  • Articulate speakers and writers
  • Institute manuals
  • The scriptures, particularly The Book of Mormon
  • Holiday baking
  • Holiday parties


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