Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I Bought a New Purse

Lauren informed me tonight that I need to write a blog post. She was quite right -- I haven't posted anything in over 2 weeks. So although I have hundreds of thoughts swimming through my head, I'll just say this: I bought a new purse. An adult purse. It's bigger than my hand span. I can actually fit more than just my wallet, cell phone, and checkbook in it. I never would've thought I'd buy such a purse. A situation occurred, however, that changed all of that, and it stuck in my head until tonight at approximately 8:50 pm, when I made my grown-up purchase at Target. Here's what happened:

My right front tire had apparently been leaking air. I filled and re-filled it with the free air at QuickTrip about every 2 weeks. Desperate to find out what was causing the leak, I took some time off work one morning to take my car to a mechanic. When I gave the guy at the front desk my key, he said it'd take them an hour to get to my car. "Where will you be around that time?" he asked. Well, I guess I'm really alone in this city right now because I have no one with a car nearby who can pick me up . . . "Just sitting here," I replied.

And so I did. I had nothing to do, either. There was nothing to do. The guy sitting next to me was watching basketball, I think -- I certainly didn't have to catch up on any of that. I think I ended up reading Good Housekeeping or something similar. It was okay, but I distinctly remember thinking, "Hm. I wish I had A Separate Peace right now. I wish I could get some of it read while I'm waiting." That's when it hit me: I need to start keeping a book in my purse at all times, so that at moments like this, my mind won't be stranded with nothing to do. Of course that led to . . . I need to get a bigger purse . . .

Well, tonight I got one. It's not that big, really, but it's a lot bigger than I'm used to. Lauren even said I was growing up . . . I'll try it out for a while and keep you posted . . .

Thing I'm thankful for: Lauren's rendition of "We Belong" on the blow-up guitar I bought her at Target.


Blogger Jacob said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm listening to "Do You Realize?" by The Flaming Lips, which I bought off iTunes after remembering a conversation with you on what a great song it is.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Lexia said...

Do you realize you didn't put a picture of your purse on your blog?!?

4:29 PM  

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