Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Strokes: "First Impressions of Earth" Promo Tour

I told you I'd give you pictures and a thorough report, so here it is.

Atlanta was only one of five U.S. cities to hear The Strokes on their "First Impressions of Earth" Tour. (And I WON TICKETS!)

Lauren and I met up with Lexi and Brooks at Brooks's apartment because he conveniently lives about five minutes from the Earthlink Live venue in Midtown. Here are the pre-concert shots:

Whoa, I look really tired in that last picture -- I was sick, people! Coughing, headache -- but how could I give up The Strokes, especially when I WON TICKETS!

Lexi and I like crowd pictures, so here's a concert crowd. Brooks, Lexi, Lauren, and I were probably four of about 75 straight-laced-looking kind of people. I like some of the new rock style, but I can't stand hair in people's eyes!

Left to right: Nick Valensi on rhythm guitar, Nikolai Fraiture on bass, and Julian Casablancas singing.

Lexi took these oblique shots -- CRAZY.

Photoshop can help you make almost any picture look really good.

Another crowd picture. Gotta love the fellow fans -- except half-naked drunk girls and really big guys who crowd out your space. But they're okay; mostly it's the half-naked drunk girls. One of 'em spilled beer all over Lexia. Yuck.

This picture was obviously pre-beer accident.

This is probably my favorite picture of the bunch. Guitarists always look so relaxed and cool with their instruments.

Despite the fact that band t-shirts are extremely overpriced, I like to buy them anyway, especially when not a lot of U.S. cities will have the chance to see the show. So here's the front:


And the back: Double cool.

So I've been listening to The Strokes non-stop for the last two days. Maybe I'm trying to recapture that concert feeling. I love listening to good live music. Who doesn't?

The Strokes put on really good shows, too. I saw them in their first concert series when their first CD came out. They play their music really well live. They also play a good mix of new and old stuff; they actually played more old songs than new, probably. What I like most about watching them live is that Julian Casablancas really gets into his lyrics. Sometimes he seems so expressionless, but his voice is so animated when he sings; I guess it's his way of making the songs fun to sing even after 50 times. Something I thought was especially neat was that at the end of the show, Julian thanked everybody for coming and said, "God bless you. God bless America." That was nice to hear. No big "to do" about some big cause, just "God bless." Anyway, I loved it. Brooks really liked the show, too, which is saying something because he hasn't listened to The Strokes in a while. AND he has great taste in music. :)

All-around good show. If you like The Strokes even a little bit, and you somehow get the chance to see them, buy tickets.

Oh, one more thing -- If you're a girl, and you get the chance to buy tickets, try doubly hard to get them. All of The Strokes boys are pretty. :) But you probably knew that already.

>> This just in (For me, anyway): Julian Casablancas is married! Darn it. Now, when I'm walking around New York City and I happen to run into him, he won't be able to ask me on a date and I won't be able to accept him. Albert Hammond, Jr.? << href="">I WON TICKETS!


Blogger Blake said...

Make sure to check out the Redwalls if you like the strokes. Highly recommended.

6:55 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

A couple (or few) corrections or addendums:

1. Nick Valensi plays lead guitar, I think. Albert plays rhythm.

2. I was also soaked with beer from drunk girl. I just wasn't as vocal about it as Lexia.

3. Albert's got a girlfriend that he's dated for about two years or so. And apparently, they both like whipped cream.

4. You are ONE AWESOME FRIEND, friend. I really enjoyed the show.

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's do it again (for the third time).

11:46 PM  

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