Saturday, January 14, 2006


For this year's Golden Globe presenters, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and In Style are giving gift bags worth $62,000! I took the following list from MSN's "Frosty Freebies" article.

This year's big-ticket items include a couple of ice-cold excursions: A two-week exploration of the wildlife in Antarctica, Tasmania and New Zealand ($22,000, with winter gear thrown in), and a diamond expedition to the Canadian Arctic ($15,000, which includes a bonus piece of ice: a "personally engraved, government-certified Canadian diamond mounted in a pendant").

Less frigid freebies include a two-night stay at the same swanky Napa Valley resort where Christina Aguilera recently tied the knot with Jordan Bratman ($3,000); a tooth-whitening gift certificate ($4,000); a six-month health club membership ($4,000); a diamond ring from Chopard ($2,000); a ridiculously expensive pair of diamond-button jeans ($1,250); an espresso machine ($695); and a Blackberry ($500).

Also up for grabs are some spoils that no self-respecting star would be caught dead with: multiple quarts of calorie-laden ice cream ($300), equally carb-packed truffles ($250) and a vacuum ($300), which many a celebrity-serving housekeeper should expect to receive as a bonus in the coming months.

Thing I'm thankful for: Not being obligated to present at awards shows. I really would hate it -- although the gift bag would be very nice.


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