Sunday, January 20, 2019

Goodbye, John

My mom's cousin passed away this weekend, and his death struck me in a way I wasn't expecting. I've spent a good amount of time reflecting on him and his life the last couple of days, and here's what I know: John wasn't perfect. He messed up sometimes, as everyone does. But boy, was he a great person. He oozed generosity, always making sure the people he was with were comfortable and had what they needed and wanted. He was funny and fun and usually had a smile on his face. He loved life, and he loved people. I only met him a couple of times, but that was all it took to know that John was the kind of person I liked being around.

What a life, huh? What a way to be remembered! I hope that's how I go––with people remembering that I made them feel good. John was that way, and I will miss him.

And now, here's some words and phrases I remember John saying, in his wonderful Long Island accent:
  • "Whadayouse want? Youse want some square pizza? I'll get youse some square pizza."
  • "Did you get [Diabetes] 'cause your genes or 'cause you're fat?"
  • "Youse wanna take a fanny pack into the city?"
  • "Look at what this kid wrote: 'markers' and 'markers and shit.'"
Ohhh, how I wish you could hear him say those things in his own voice . . . It was the greatest. :)


Blogger cardlady said...

I love this, Sara! And I love your memory! And oh, how I miss John Schmitt!

10:21 PM  

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